Steubenville, Ohio gang rape case


Read about it, spread the word. These criminals deserve to be locked up. 


  • Small town of Steubenville, Ohio
  • 16 year old girl goes to end of summer high school party
  • She is drugged (apparently before she even arrived) and left unconscious
  • She is then repeatedly raped by members of the Steubenville high school football team
  • These members are known as the “Rape Crew” by fellow students, even before this incident
  • The girl is then taken to several parties by this Rape Crew. She is unconscious the entire time and is repeatedly raped. 
  • Many witness this. Videos are posted online. Tweets. Pictures on instagram. This incident is documented.
  • Only reported by the victim’s family days later
  • Only 2 boys are charged
  • Witnesses who did nothing to stop it not charged
  • 18 year old who admitted to involvement in the crime on video not charged
  • 2 boys charged get moved to juvenile court, despite the severity of their crime 
  • Entire town accused of covering up the incident
  • Extremely corrupt trial process

This is a short overview. As more information is revealed, this overview may lose accuracy. 

Sources for further reading (important! please read!):

LocalLeaks/Anonymous Story - great reporting, in depth, worth your time to read

CNN story

More info from RT

Information about Steubenville, compiled by me - quick read

PLEASE read and spread this story. It is important for the victim(s) to get justice. Public involvement is necessary. We need to prevent more victims, more children’s lives ruined, and most of all stop this clear representation of Rape Culture. 

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